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    Data Centres
    The Problem

    Temperatures in each data centre need to be carefully monitored and controlled. Varying sizes of data centre with multiple servers will all need to be set at differing temperatures, depending on the amount of servers and equipment they need to keep cool to ensure maximum efficiency of the equipment. Pipe runs are not an option for data centre air conditioning as unreliability and water leakage with expensive equipment is not an option. Company’s such as media signal providers impose significant fines on the disruption to their operations so pumps must be reliable in order to keep the systems operational at all times.

    The Solution

    By removing the need for complicated pipe runs and gravity drain systems means that reliable methods of condensate removal can be installed. Whether using the mini blanc under a wall mounted unit for smaller server rooms or tank pumps for much larger systems, installing a pump gives more reliability than traditional methods. The pumps have full BMS compatibility, which may be sited in specifications when building a server/ data centre. Tank pump can also operate for years in the field and last as long as the systems they are serving, and with single screw access for servicing making the maintenance quick and easy.

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