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    The Problem

    With hospitals running 24/7 and therefore air conditioning running the same amount, reliable pumps within a hospital environment is imperative to ensure cleanliness and minimal maintenance requirements. Gravity drain systems within a hospital can be blocked easily due to the amount of debris in the air caused by the amount of people in one areas at the same time. Blocked pipework can create potentially hazardous conditions with a build of germs and bacteria. Space in hospitals can be limited and therefore easy access and maintenance to the system is critical in not disturbing unwell patients.


    The Solution

    With hospitals being open 24 hours a day, the need for a pump that can run continuously and keep up with the demands of cooling a hospital environment is critical. A pump that can handle the dirt and grim that can build up in a hospital air conditioning system and remove potential bacteria build ups up and away from the system is imperative in a clean environment. With multiple style units spread around hospitals, Refcenter has a variety of pumps that are fit for multiple types of installation. For example, a mini blanc which can be fitted underneath a high wall system is perfect for ease of installation and maintenance, whereas for larger commercial ceiling void units a tank pump will be able to handle the requirement.

  • Offices Offices
    Effective air conditioning in an office environment is key to comfort and productivity for office workers.
  • Hotels Hotels
    Traditionally, hotels have installed window fans for air conditioning and floor standing units and pumps could only be accessed when the guests are not in situ.
  • Data Centres Data Centres
    The new and improved Mini Tank pump can be wall mounted, floor mounted, in-pan or suspended on M8 / M10 rod. this is a compact, powerful and multi functional tank pump...