The Problem

    At present, the hotel air conditioning system is roughly divided into two categories.
    1. Centralized central air conditioning: centralized air conditioning system is to set all kinds of air handling equipment and fans in a dedicated in the machine room. The air is concentrated, and then
    the fresh air would be sent to the air-conditioned rooms by the air supply system. The advantage of this air conditioning system is that it greatly reduces the noise inside the hotel room. It does not affect sleep when sleeping. But the treatment of condensed water in the equipment room becomes a problem. Many rooms will generate a lot of condensed water under this condition. If not timely, disposal will inevitably pollute the environment inside the machine room.
    2. Fully decentralized air conditioning system (split air conditioner): This is a partial air conditioning system in which air treatment equipment, fans, automatic control system and cooling and heat source are all assembled together and placed directly in the air conditioning room for local air treatmen.. Household split air conditioners that we usually talk about are a kind of decentralized
    air conditioning system. The advantage of this air conditioning system is that customers can adjust suitable ambient temperature
    by themselves. The drawback is that the condensate pump requirements will be stricter, the noise must be very low, and can
    not affect the rest of the customers.

    The Solution

    For centralized central air conditioning condensate treatment, we have different parameters of TANK pump for customers to choose. Customers can choose the right one according to different flow head and voltage parameters; split type air conditioning system we have MUTE series Product supply, noise reduction to its limit, especially suitable for installation inside the hotel room.


















  • Offices Offices
    Effective air conditioning in an office environment is key to comfort and productivity for office workers.
  • Hospitals Hospitals
    The hospital runs air conditioning 24 hours a day. Reliable pumps within a hospital environment is imperative to ensure cleanliness and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Data Centres Data Centres
    The new and improved Mini Tank pump can be wall mounted, floor mounted, in-pan or suspended on M8 / M10 rod. this is a compact, powerful and multi functional tank pump...